Sunday, April 26, 2009

Support Your Favorite Charity...and the Earth

I know, I know. I'm long overdue for a post and I promise you'll get one very very soon. In the mean time, I thought I'd share something neat and semi food related...

Does your kid's school or your church charity need a few extra bucks? Know those programs where you save UPC symbols off of some product (like a can of soup) and the company donates things like computers for every bazillion labels collected? Here's a program that gives cold hard cash AND you get to save the planet while you're at it:

For those not in the know, TerraCycle is an Earth conscious company that "upcycles" (re-uses) old packaging and whatnot either as part of their products or as product packaging. For example, their flagship product, organic fertilizer, is packaged in 2-liter soda bottles.

Anyway, to actually get the supplies they need for their products, people collect and donate them and then they give you 20 cents or so per item sent in. They currently collect two-liter bottles, Oreo wrappers, Capri Sun juice pouches, and other ordinarily non-recycleable items.

...and, of course, their website seems to be on the fritz at the moment. Maybe that's cause they were on Oprah or Martha this week (I forget just which one). But seriously, check it out when you have a chance. It's pretty neat.

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