Wednesday, May 20, 2009

An Online Farmer's Market?

This morning, my wife found the site The basic premise behind the site is that if you have a backyard garden, you can sell, trade, or give away your excess produce (within the limits of local tax and agriculture laws). Think of it as FreeCycle mixed with eBay mixed with a Farmer's Market, but for home gardeners.

I signed-up and checked it out. Unfortunately, there's nothing within 100 miles of my home, which is probably due to the facts that it's not really harvest season in the Northeast and that the site appears to be very new (copyrighted in 2009). In fact, there was only one entry within 40 miles of my parents' winter home in Florida either, so I'll bet it's the newness more than anything.

Nevertheless, I encourage you all to check it out and pass word onto your friends. It looks like a really good idea if it takes off. I'd personally love to find some good local produce for better prices than the Farmer's markets.

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