Saturday, March 27, 2010

Been Busy...

Okay, okay. I know I've been pretty silent over the past few weeks, but I have a good excuse. As some of you may or may not know, my wife Michelle and I have been working to sell our condo and purchase our first "real home." We're very excited about it all and it's been a very time-consuming process. We're very close to the end and we hope to be in the house by the end of April.

Here's a photo of the new place. Isn't that yard just begging for some attention with a rake?

Of course, the best thing about getting a house is that I'll finally have room for the garden I've always wanted. I just hope I can get used to weeding it--something that's not a big deal with my container garden. :-) This small fenced-in garden below the family room window absolutely screams, "Justin's Kitchen Herb Garden," ...does it not?

The place has over an acre of space and a big 'ole barn. I can already imagine rows of fresh green veggies, canning tomatoes, peppers, and maybe even some sweet corn growing in a patch of land near the barn.
Of course, being the over-enthusiastic person that I am and with the recent warmer weather, I've already started some seedlings indoors at the condo. This year, I decided to start them in seed trays and transfer to homemade newspaper pots. What you see here are butternut squash and zucchini seedlings.

Can't wait to get those into the ground!

Have you started any seedlings yet?

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