Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Strong Cheese...

The other day, we stopped at Whole Foods to pick-up a few things and they had free samples out of some Frommage Forte. This fancy French-sounding dish is actually a way to use-up leftover bits of cheese to make a cheese spread. You toss in whatever bits are leftover into a food processor with a little cream and some good olive oil and process into a cheese spread. The American counterpart would be the 1970's party cheese ball. :-)

Anyway, only Whole Foods could get away with charging $8.99 for their leftover bits of cheese, but oh-MAN was it freaking good! Of course, I fell for it and tossed a container into the shopping cart. My wife just rolled her eyes and kept walking.

Of course, I've come home the last two evenings and found her, glass of wine in one hand, and a package of crackers and the container of cheese on the counter--another half of it gone. So much for the eye roll. :-) It *is* frieaking good.

Make Your Own!

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