Saturday, April 17, 2010

Policy Change for Comments

Hi Everyone,

I've made a change to my policy for comments so that you can only post a comment if you're logged-into one of the supported applications (Google, AIM, Livejournal, etc.).  I'm doing this not because I want to be mean or because anyone was causing trouble.  I'm doing this because Blogger doesn't provide a name and email address field for anonymous posters like Wordpress does and I like to at least be able to address you by first name in my responses.

If you're an anonymous poster and aren't happy with this new policy, please provide me with your feedback by email at  If there's enough support for it, I may even consider moving the blog to a better Blogging tool that supports better anonymous comments.

Warm Regards and keep reading!



  1. Well, here I thought I was being good by providing a name and email address. I'll have to see which ones I can still use from behind the firewall at work.

  2. How odd... I didn't realize that there is a name/url option in addition to the anonymous. Only problem is that I can only turn both off or have both on. The back-shop interface isn't very flexible. :-(

  3. Yeah. Always tough when someone else is the programmer. ;) I think Google works though.


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