Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Rosemary Battle Begins

If you've followed my blog at all, you know that I'm an avid container gardener. In the heat of summer, my third-story balcony looks like a veritable rain forest. And every year, I buy two rosemary plants.

I absolutely love rosemary. It's a very unique, very strong herb, but used correctly, it makes fantastic autmun and winter dishes. Rosemary roasts, rosemary potatoes, rosemary and bean soup, and so on. Unfortunately, I never seem to be able to get my rosemary to last long enough to use it during the Autumn and winter seasons. It's a perennial and supposedly, it should be able to grow in a pot indoors, but once the cool weather arrives, it starts to dry-out and die, supplying me with a whole mess of dried rosemary. And you can get that at the store.

Anyway, I've purchased two new plants for this season. I purposely bought the largest ones I could find, thinking they have a better chance of surviving. I'm also hoping and praying that they'll do much better in the outdoor kitchen garden at our new house. Technically speaking, they're a conifer (a pine tree), no different from the hedges in your front yard and those don't die-off in the winter. They just go dormant and wake-up again in the spring by producing new growth.

I guess we'll see what happens this year. Wish me luck!

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