Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekend Gardening

On Saturday, I spent a few hours doing some "gardening."  Usually, I'd be making a trip to the garden shop to get seedlings for my herb box and setting-up all of the containers for the container garden.  However, this year, I've been trying to get some seedlings started for the real garden at the new house.

This year, I'm making my own compostable pots out of newspaper.  They're much more economical than just about any other option (except maybe reused plastic seedling pots), they're earth-friendly, and you can even plant the whole pot and it'll break down into compost.  So far, I'm impressed.  They're holding up well and I like the primitive look as the newspaper turns yellow.

I've had a little better luck this year starting from seeds.  Maybe half of what I planted has sprouted and the majority have lived.  There have already been a few casualties.

I really can't wait to get into the garden and the yard at the new house.  It needs lots of TLC and we're super excited about it.

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