Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Pleasant Surprise - Buying Local

Last week in preparation for our big move, I stopped by Ocean State Job lot, a locally owned chain of discount/closeout stores to pick-up a few items.  One of the items I purchased was a simple curtain rod to serve as a temporary rod until we're able to choose more decorative ones.  When I got it home, I happened to glance at the package and see, "Made in the USA - Warwick, RI."
Turns out that the rod was made by Kenney Manufacturing (, a local company that still manufacturers a certain percentage of its products in the USA.  And, their world headquarters happens to be down the street from my former office.

Why am I all excited because a hunk of aluminum was made in my home state?  I'm excited because I haven't had that happen in a very very long time.  I've come to expect that products like that are not made in the USA.  They typically carry the "Made in China" moniker.  Not only is it difficult to eat locally, but it's difficult to buy within this country, let alone locally.

I just brightened my day to know that a few fellow Rhode Islanders still have a job because of my routine purchase.  I hope Kenney will continue to make a few products here.

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  1. Kenney is right at the end of the Jefferson Blvd exit, I see it every morning. Always wondered what they made. The signs don't tell you much.


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