Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Mystery Partially Solved

This year, we went to a local farm to pick-up some seedlings for the garden.  They boasted Italian vegetable plants and I desperately wanted some San Marzano tomatoes for canning.  We ended-up also picking-up some acorn squash and pickling cukes.

When I got home and started planting, I found an oddball seedling tucked into one of the cells in the cucumber tray.  It looked a lot like a tomato plant but I wasn't sure.  It definitely wasn't a weed.  So what the heck?  I planted it.

Within a week or two, it was obviously a tomato plant and it was growing at a fast rate.  I ended-up transferring it to a pot on the deck and it's been doing very well.  However, I've had no idea what kind of tomato plant it was until it started fruiting.  It finally started this week.

The wrinkles in the skin tell me that it's some sort of heirloom variety, often sold as "ugly tomatoes" in the grocery stores.  Unfortunately, I don't remember just which heirloom variety this particular farm had for sale.  I want to say Brandywine's but I'm not sure.  We won't really know until the fruit reaches full size and starts to ripen.

It's kind of neat watching something grow and having it be a mystery as to what you'll get.  Has that ever happened in your garden?

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  1. hello! I just started reading your blog (when I googled what to do because my chickens ate my asparagus, ha) and I felt compelled to answer your question.

    I love mystery grows!

    I seed swap with people and sometimes forget what I swapped for what in the mixup and get something weird.

    Last time it was a tomatillo plant! Chickens ate that too, I'm afraid.


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