Monday, December 6, 2010

My Favorite Things: The Sno Brum

Inspired by Oprah's "Favorite Things" and the holiday season, I thought I'd do a series of posts with some of my favorite food and cooking-related gift items.  Of course, I can't hand out free items like Oprah can, but hopefully I can inspire a few gifts for the foodies and entertainers in your life.  Enjoy!

Okay, this one is not exactly cooking or food related, but it's just too good to go without mentioning and it makes one of the best impulse gifts I've ever seen.  I'm serious.  In fact, this one's worthy of the office gift swap.  Don't worry--the guy who gets stuck with it will thank you later.  Presenting, The SNO BRUM!
Okay, it may not look like much but trust me...anyone cleaning off their car beside you during or after a storm will be green with envy.  These are the things the car dealers use to clean off hundreds of cars in their lot after a big storm.  Instead of brushing, and brushing, and brushing, this baby acts like a shovel, pushing six-inch deep snow off your car in one big swoop.  You'll be done in seconds--not minutes.

The Brum sports a telescoping handle, letting you reach the entire roof of a sedan from one side of the car and letting you actually be able to clear the top of your SUV.  The head is made of soft plastic-foam material that won't scratch any paint job (if it did, the dealers wouldn't use it).

At about $20, it's one of the best gifts you can give someone who lives in a chilly climate.


  1. How have I never seen one of these? Totally awesome gift tip, Justin.

  2. To be honest, they're kind of hard to find in Bricks and Mortar stores. I've only ever seen them at Benny's and that's a local RI chain. You can thank Michelle's father for being so fanatical about these. :-)


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