Monday, March 28, 2011

Kiwi in New England?

While I was shopping online at Peaceful Valley Farm Supply for my new mini-orchard, I happened across a listing for a type of kiwi that is supposedly hardy in New England climates.  That's right...  A tropical fruit that will survive two feet of snow.  I didn't believe it at first either.  The listing is here (alas, they are out of stock now but Burpee has them).

According to the description, they have smooth skin instead of hairy that you can actually eat and the green flesh is a tad bit sweeter than regular kiwi.  Needless to say, I bought one.  Because I don't have a location ready for it yet and I was concerned about keeping it alive indoors for another few weeks, I went ahead and potted it.  In less than a week, the darned thing was leafing out and is growing like a weed.

That's it there on the far right.  In case you didn't know this (I sure didn't), kiwi's grow on a vine like grapes.  I'm thinking I'll rig some sort of trellis on the big black privacy fence in the back and put all my vine plants on there.  At least it'll add some screening without large investments in evergreen hedges that I don't really like anyway.

I also picked-out a Concord Grape vine while I was at it (oh yeah...Peaceful Valley left my wallet much lighter by the time I was done shopping).  Concords actually grow wild here in Northern Rhode Island but wouldn't you know that I don't have a single one on my property.

I love concord grapes in the late summer and early fall, just as they're about to ripen.  You walk by the vine and you could swear you had a glass of grape juice sitting in front of your nose.  It's an absolutely delicious smell.

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