Monday, July 18, 2011

Recipe: Foil-Packet Fish With Basil & Tomatoes

In light of yesterday's post about unique grilling methods, I thought I'd share this recipe for haddock (or any white fish) steamed in a foil packet on the grill.  This works equally well with any fish, including salmon or swordfish.

Foil-Packet Fish With Basil & Tomatoes

2 portions of white fish (Haddock, Cod, Tilapia, Sea Bass etc.)
1 medium fresh tomato, diced
1/2 lemon, sliced (optional)
1 sprig fresh basil, chopped or cut in a chiffonade (strips)
salt and pepper

1) Begin by making a foil packet.  Cut a 3-foot piece of foil.  Fold it in half the long way.  Fold it in half again in the same direction.  Place on the counter and carefully fold the short ends (sides) in and seal them.  You'll end-up with a pocket with double foil thickness.

2) Season the fish with salt and pepper and slide it into the foil pouch.  Top the fish with tomatoes, lemon slices, and the fresh basil.

3) Seal the last opening of the packet tightly so no liquid will escape.

4) Cook packet on a hot grill 5-10 minutes.  It should blow-up like a pillow as the steam builds inside.  You may need to peek inside (using tongs) to see if the fish is done.

5) Remove from the grill using tongs.  Split the top of the packet open.  Scoop out with a spatula or spoon and serve.  This goes great with hot buttered white rice or a nice salad and some crusty bread.

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