Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Thoughts...

Some random thoughts for this week...

  • I think there's a certain point where we need to stop blaming companies for our own user error and I think parents are some of the worst culprits.  This week, Johnson & Johnson recalled Infant Tylenol AGAIN because parents can't handle reading the directions and measuring correctly.  I've used the new bottles (well, similar off-brand ones) for my own infant and quite frankly, it's easy as pie if you follow the directions.  Even if a plastic piece falls into the bottle, it's nothing that should warrant a recall--it can't possibly end-up inside the syringe or your kid's gullet.
  • Also on the "Lack of Common Sense Recall" list for this week is the recent complaint to the CPSC to recall the Bumbo baby seat...AGAIN.  We have two of these at home and while I can see the temptation to put the thing on a countertop or chair (you have to get on your stomach to look your kid in the eye when it's on the floor), common sense should tell you that it's a bad idea.  You shouldn't need warning labels on the package and no seat belt is going to make it safe for misuse by parents.  What's the company supposed to do?  Ship it with a helmut and tiny knee pads?
  • I got involved in quite a ruckus this week over at The Lunch Tray in the comments section of this post.
  • There's an awesome post/recipe about making your own Birdseed suets and wreaths over at Chiot's Run.  I've never made the recipe because the lard is hard to come by, but it seems like a fun project.
  • The Oatmeal boils down how frustrating it can be to obtain LEGAL digital content, thanks to the silly games that the movie production companies play with licensing and availability.  I completely sympathize with this post.
  • Why wasn't it *ME* who thought to dip hot peppers in chocolate and charge 50 bucks a box?!?
  • Bet you didn't know the Whitehouse brews its own beer...

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