Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Thoughts...

Been a crazy busy week.  Not sure where it all went.  But never fear!  Friday Thoughts are here...
  • Rooftop Farms...what a neat idea!
  • Absolutely love this cute DIY Scooter/Rocker.  I'm thinking my daughter needs one as soon as she posts the plans online.
  • Apparently, the good folks at Zojirushi (aka "Zo", the Cadillac of all bread machine manufacturers) have created a bread machine with a special setting just for Gluten-Free breads.  If you've ever had to make GF bread before, you know what kind of a challenge it is and about all the extra care you need to turn out a decent loaf.   This machine fixes some of the common problems.  Too bad all their machines push well over the $200 mark.
  • An entire book about pie.  What a great idea!
  • These walnut crackers look incredibly easy and tasty.
  • For the real hardcore foodies, single-utter butter?!?

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