Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Zucchini that Ate Rhode Island

We went to a local farm stand this afternoon...

We bought a nearly 6-pound zucchini.

It scared the bejeezus out of the baby.

It was only $2.00.

It is destined to become a zucchini bread...or two...or three.

As he's ringing the darned thing up, the guy starts telling me how all his customers use them in various recipes (large zucchini aren't usually desirable because they tend to be seedy, so interesting recipes are always welcome).  Apparently, one woman splits it the long way, scoops out the seeds, then stuffs and bakes them.

I'm VERY tempted to go back and get another on my way home from work tomorrow just be able to say I stuffed and roasted a 6-pound zucchini.  Now there's something you never thought would be on your bucket list.

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