Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pet Peeves at the Supermarket

A little something lighter since I haven't been able to crank-out a more substantive post for you as of late.  I am still alive!

  • Useless unit prices like "per 100 rolls" for paper towels.  Every roll is a different size, so that doesn't help me so much for comparison, does it?  How about feet instead?  The discount warehouses are notorious for doing this with bagged produce (Per 100 peppers? Seriously?).
  • People who stop their cart IN THE DEAD CENTER of the aisle and then gaze at the shelf of products with absolutely no awareness that someone else might like to "share the road."  It isn't I-95, folks, but it is still two lanes wide.  Pull-over if you need to stop and smell the roses.
  • Shopping carts with "cars" on the front of them for kids to ride in.  I liken them to trying to drive a tractor trailer through downtown Manhattan during rush hour--except it's also rude, because they serve no practical purpose.
  • When you have a cart full of over-sized items and there are 4 self-checkout lanes open and a single manned checkout at 30 minutes before closing time (The home center is actually worse than the grocery store with this).
  • Self-checkout computers that yell at you to do something you've already done, like put the item in the bagging area, and once you don't do their bidding lock-up and demand that a human (who is nowhere to be seen) come override the lock--5 times during your transaction.  I write computer software for a living, so I'm allowed to gripe at such poor design.  On a good note, I've actually seen one grocery store self-checkout instruct me to walk flowers to the end of the belt so I don't bruise them.  Nice touch!
  • When the cashier has already packed six items in 3 plastic bags before I can even get the words out of my mouth, "I have reusable bags..."
  • Visible or audible disgust at my reusable bags.  It's 2012, people.  Deal.
  • Cashiers who don't know their produce and don't bother to ask--they just make something up and it's usually twice the price (Tip Here: Always check your receipt before leaving the store).
  • Cashiers who automatically pack half my groceries in individual plastic bags and put those in the reusable bags without asking.  No, my perfectly sealed chicken or container of ice cream doesn't need additional plastic when it's going into my washable cooler bag.
  • When something is priced wrong in the computer and the service supervisor just gives me cash out of the drawer as a refund but makes no effort to fix it or put up signage for the next customer.
  • Stock boys/girls who cut customers off with stock carts or block entire aisles or fixtures during prime time to restock (without offering to move or get the item for you).  Let's not forget that the customer makes your paycheck possible, okay?
  • Containers of yogurt placed upside-down on the shelf because they stack better.

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