Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Thoughts...

Just because I've been quiet lately, doesn't mean I don't have lots of stuff to share with you!  Here's a little of what's been interesting me over the past week or so...

  • We all know about my love for the Toasted Cheese Sandwich.  Check-out Ashley English's recipes for some seriously kicked-up grilled cheese, themed for autumn.
  • Not sure how to keep the sweets under control with your kids this holiday season?  Check out Bri's thoughtful post on the matter over at Red, Round, or Green.  She's got some great insights and ideas.
  • Drooling over this exposed pantry shelving filled with gorgeous preserves and mason jars full of goodies.  Gosh, I'd love to have something like this in my kitchen.
  • How's about a recipe for DIY Marshmallow Fluff?  And while you're at it, honey-flavored?  Sounds tasty.
  • One of the reasons I don't use a mason jar for my morning tea is that it'd be too hot to handle.  How about this nifty gadget to solve that problem?
  • Apparently, the Fifty Shades of Grey hysteria has reached the food world.  Be sure to read through the's good for a great chuckle.
  • Check out this article and you'll never look at your Salt & Vinegar Chips the same way again.

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