Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Thoughts: Ranch Dressing Mix, Football Cupcakes, and Maggot Cheese (that's right)

It's Friday and I haven't posted forever, so here are a few things of random interest:
  • I don't particularly like ranch dressing, but my wife does.  This recipe for a dry mix sounds pretty cool and it only involves having mayo and milk on-hand to mix-up a batch.
  • When I was in Thailand years ago, I remember seeing a dish made with fly eggs that were in both an unhatched and hatched state (it was pretty gross--I don't like my food squirming).  Turns out even first-world countries like Italy occasionally have similar delicacies like this Maggot Cheese.
  • Ever wonder what the grades mean on maple syrup?  Here's a cool post all about the sweet stuff.
  • This cool Brooklynese Kitchenware would be equally at home in New England.
  • I've been wanting to try making my own English Muffins for a long time.  This recipe has me drooling.
  • Aren't these football cupcakes baked in an eggshell pretty neat?

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