Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Thoughts: Bacon Beer, Rainbow Pasta, and Chocolate Pretzel Cookie Bars

Wow!  A Friday Thoughts on Friday for a change.  :-)

  • The science geek in me thinks this rainbow pasta is kind of cool and the food snob in me just wants to go, "OMG...who needs that much artificial food dye!"
  • Like spicy stuff?  Try out some Sriracha Salt.
  • I'm not a beer drinker, but this article about strange beers caught my attention.  Bacon beer?
  • Edible Cookie Cups, anyone?  Yes, please.
  • It was announced last week that Ball is re-releasing, on a limited basis, blue canning jars in honor of the 100th anniversary of their jar.  Anyone who spends time in antique shops knows that vintage blue jars can go for upwards of $25 each.  These, you could actually can with and not cry so hard if they broke.
  • So much bad stuff has been written about GMO foods that it's hard to think outside the box as to how such technology could be used for good.  Here's an article about a GMO rice that is designed to help people instead of helping rich companies get richer.
  • Don't these chocolate pretzel bar cookies look decadent?

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