Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Favorite Things: Gallon and Half-Gallon Mason Jars

Back in 2011, I was inspired by Oprah's "Favorite Things" episode to do my own version highlighting some of my favorite kitchen and cooking-related items that make great gifts during the holdays.  This year, I've decided to expand the idea to include some general household and organizing items that I find useful or indispensable.  Happy Holidays!

When you get into canning, you very quickly find other uses for the dozens of canning jars you always have lying around the house and you start to realize how truly versatile, eco-friendly, and air-tight a good glass jar can be.

Today's Favorite Things are large gallon and half-gallon storage jars.

One of my favorite uses for these is to keep dry goods fresh and organized in the pantry.  I'll often buy 2 or 3 packages of our favorite crackers or cookies at a time when they're on sale and as soon as the package gets moved from the bulk storage closet to the everyday pantry or kitchen shelves, it gets opened and dumped into a clean jar.  Same goes for beans, cereal, baking supplies, and other dry items that need to be air-tight.  No more miscellaneous-sized boxes, bags, and bag clips!

If you happen to shop in the Whole Foods bulk aisle, these are indispensable.  If your state laws permit it, you can even bring the jars with you to the market and fill them directly from the bins.  Just be sure to stop by the service desk to have them weighed first so you don't pay for the weight of the jar.

I also use them for storing juices, stocks, and liquids in the refrigerator and for organizing and storing candy around the holidays.  My daughter has a huge gallon jar filled with her Halloween stash stored on a shelf within easy reach and out of the way.

Disclaimer:  All opinions on these products are my own and I've purchased these items myself or received them as gifts from friends and family.  I don't even receive a kickback from Amazon for the links, so feel free to buy from your favorite local kitchen supplier.  They'll appreciate the business!

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