Tuesday, December 13, 2016

My Favorite Things: Electric Kettle

Back in 2011, I was inspired by Oprah's "Favorite Things" episode to do my own version highlighting some of my favorite kitchen and cooking-related items that make great gifts during the holdays.  This year, I've decided to expand the idea to include some general household and organizing items that I find useful or indispensable.  Happy Holidays!

Today's Favorite Thing is a cordless electric kettle.  I like this Hamilton Beach model for its clear glass carafe, affordable price point, and the convenient and easy-to-use design of the switch (which turns-off when the water hits the boiling point).

I don't just use this thing for tea.  It's so fast at heating-up water that I often use it to pre-heat water I plan to boil for cooking (such as pasta), extra water for risotto, and even hot water to top-off the canning kettle.  It's great for making instant oatmeal, softening noodles, preparing instant noodle dishes like Ramen or Easy Mac, or heating water for a pour-over coffee maker like a Chemex.

Disclaimer:  All opinions on these products are my own and I've purchased these items myself or received them as gifts from friends and family.  I don't even receive a kickback from Amazon for the links, so feel free to buy from your favorite local kitchen supplier.  They'll appreciate the business!

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