Friday, December 16, 2016

My Favorite Things: Joy Tea

Back in 2011, I was inspired by Oprah's "Favorite Things" episode to do my own version highlighting some of my favorite kitchen and cooking-related items that make great gifts during the holdays.  This year, I've decided to expand the idea to include some general household and organizing items that I find useful or indispensable.  Happy Holidays!

I'm a daily tea drinker and I go through phases where I'll drink fancy or flavored teas and then revert back to plain old supermarket black tea for awhile.  I generally don't like fruit or herbal teas that have no real green or black tea in them.  One thing I seem to never tire of, however, is a blend called "Joy" that is available at Starbucks every holiday season.

Joy is not your typical Christmas blend of cinnamon and spices.  Instead, it's a blend of Black, Green, and Oolong teas with a hint of apricot essence.  I absolutely love this as an everyday drinking tea.  Unfortunately, when it first came out, it was made by Tazo (owned by Starbucks) and was only available in Starbucks and only during the holiday season.  When Starbucks bought Teavana about two years ago, they had Teavana re-blend it (it tastes even better) and sold it for a higher price-point under the Teavana brand, still only at Starbucks and occasionally, you could find it on Amazon.

I fully admit to splurging and stocking-up on this stuff every year so I could drink it well into the summer before I'd run out (it makes a great iced tea, as well!).  Then, I'd have to wait till it showed-up in stores again.

As it happens, I'm not the only one who loves Joy, so Teavana took the same recipe, renamed it "Rev Up Wellness Tea" and started selling it by the ounce in their retail shops year-round!  It also appears they're selling it under the Joy moniker in Teavana stores and online this holiday season.

Disclaimer:  All opinions on these products are my own and I've purchased these items myself or received them as gifts from friends and family.  I don't even receive a kickback from Amazon for the links, so feel free to buy from your favorite local kitchen supplier.  They'll appreciate the business!

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